The "anti-inflammatory diet" is named to describe the metabolic effect that diet has on the body. The saying is true, "you are what you eat!" Any diet that removes sugar, flour, omega-6 oils, and trans-fats, and encourages the consumption of low glycemic index foods is considered anti-inflammatory. Humans are genetically adapted to eat an anti-inflammatory diet; we are supposed to eat vegetation (fruits and vegetables) and animals that ate omega-3 containing vegetation. It is important to realize that omega-3 animal products are still available as wild game/pasture fed meats, chicken and their omega-3 eggs. Only a small percentage (perhaps 10%) of calories in the current modern diet come from fruits and vegetables and virtually none come from omega-3 animal products. The anti-inflammatory diet and related nutritional supplementation is designed to decrease and eliminate chronic inflammation in the body which causes many diseases that are becoming epidemics (Diabetes, Obesity, Cancer, etc). "Deflaming" is a term used to describe the process of inflammation reduction. By eating an anti-inflammatory diet you will feel healthier, have more energy, sleep better, and most importantly significantly reduce your likelihood of having a chronic disease. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Day to discuss the anti-inflammatory guidelines and the benefits of proper nutrition today.


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